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4 Features To Give Your Fence More Details And Functionality

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There are many benefits to having a fence installed around your home, such as added security and more privacy. You can also get more functionality out of your fence by adding some simple features, such as lighting and electrical wiring or planters and bench seating. Here are some features you may want to consider to give your fence more functionality:

1. Adding Lighting And Wiring For Outdoor Outlets

Adding lighting and wiring to your fence can provide many functions. The lighting can be a great solution for landscape lighting or street lights in the front of your home, if your fence is in the front yard of your home. With electrical wiring, you will be able to add outlets to your fence, which can be good if you use electrical garden tools. 

2. Give Your Fence Planters For Garden Space Or More Privacy

There are also features that you can add to your fence for plants. This can give you space for gardening, as well as help add privacy to your fence. If you want to have a vertical garden, you can use planters attached to your fence to give you planting space. To add privacy, add climbing plants to higher planters to cover the top of your fence.

3. Integrate Benches Into Your Fence For More Garden Seating

You may also want to add seating to your garden, which can be done with bench seating. This can be seating that is separate from your fence, or you can use a fence design that integrates bench seating into the fence itself. This can be a great option for a small meditation or herb garden along the fence line. You may want to consider doing things like recessing the benches into the fence.

4. Add Coverings Or Landscaping Structures For Covered Sitting Areas

There are also many different types of structures that you can add to your fence. This can be a covered area made from wood that matches other features of your fence. It can also be landscaping features like arbors and trellises to give your garden more privacy and shade for seating. These can also be great features to add details to gates.

These are some features that you may want to consider to give your fence more functionality. If you need help with installation, repairs or improvements to your fence, contact a fencing contractor--like one from Mills Fence--and talk with them about some of these ideas to give your fence more functionality.