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Chain Link Fencing Q&A

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Chain link fencing is a popular way to add security to your property. If you are currently planning to purchase a chain link fence, you may have a few questions about the product. Here are a few questions and answers about chain link fencing:

What is chain link fencing made of?

The chain link fence is made of woven steel. The metal interlocks to form a fence fabric. 

Is the fencing available in different sizes?

The metal used for chain link fencing is available in various sizes or weights. The higher the weight or gauge of the metal, the thinner the metal is. Thus, 11.5-gauge metal fencing is thinner and less durable than 9-gauge metal fencing.

Why does some metal fencing appear in different colors?

There are two types of metal fencing. The first is galvanized, and the second is vinyl-coated. The galvanized metal fencing is generally only available in a metallic shade. However, vinyl-coated metal fencing is available in a wide variety of colors that are dependent on the hue of the vinyl.

Which is better, galvanized fencing or vinyl-coated?

Both vinyl-coated and galvanized metal fencing  are quite durable. Neither requires any type of maintenance. In fact, galvanized fencing is used in both products. However, a vinyl coating is applied over the galvanized metal for the vinyl-coated product.

Although galvanized metal fencing is unprotected from the weather and may rust after prolonged exposure to the elements, it still lasts years. The main difference between the two types of fencing is the appearance. The vinyl-coated fencing allows you to match the fence color to the landscape or other structures on your property.

Also, vinyl coated fencing tends to be more expensive than its galvanized-only counterpart.

Is there a way to make a chain link fence into a privacy fence?

To give your chain link fence a solid appearance, vinyl , metal or wooden privacy slats can be woven into the mesh of the fence.

How is the chain link fence installed?

The chain link fencing is usually installed in two phases. During the first phase, holes are dug and the poles of the fencing are placed using concrete to secure the poles inside the hole. During the second phase, the mesh fabric of the fencing is attached to the poles and an optional gate may be added.

If you are interested in having a chain link fence installed on your property, contact a fencing contractor in your area, like Elrod Fence Co.