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Want To Put Up A Vinyl Fence Around Your Office Building? Here's What You Must Do First

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A new vinyl fence can be an attractive addition to the grounds outside your office building, especially if you're replacing an old or damaged fence. You might think that it can be done right away, but you may not realize that there are some steps you need to take to ensure that once the fence is installed, it can remain on the property without causing legal problems and costly fines for you. Use the following tips before you have your vinyl fence installed.

Read the Legal Description in the Property Deed

The first thing you need to do before you put up your new vinyl fence is to pull out the property deed for the office building. Most deeds have a legal description of your property so that you know exactly where the boundaries are. This will help you avoid building your new fence on your neighbor's property; if you do that and they insist that you remove the fence, you will have to.

Checking the legal description in your deed is especially important if there is already an existing fence. It may be a surprise to discover it isn't actually on your property. There may have been an agreement about the fence between the prior owner of the property and their neighbors at the time. If that is the case, consulting the legal description can help you avoid putting the new fence where the existing fence is so you don't run afoul of your current neighbors.

If you don't have the deed handy, you can head down to your local hall of records; they should have a copy on file.

Find Out about Zoning Changes

Your office building might be in an area zoned for business, but you might not know what fencing requirements are for that zone. There may be requirements about how far back the fence sits from the street and how high it can be, and if you ignore those requirements, you may have to pay fines or take down the fence. Even if you think you know what requirements are in place, it is worth your time to stop into your local zoning office to check the current zoning rules in place and to find out if there have been changes. 

If the new vinyl fence you want to install is not in line with the zoning ordinance, you may choose to apply for a variance that would allow you to build it anyway. To do that, you typically must prove that your new fence would not cause problems for your neighbors or the town itself. You can submit pictures and get statements from the other businesses on the street, but know that your variance request could be rejected and you may have to find a fencing solution that conforms to requirements.

Now that you know what you must do before putting up a new vinyl fence around your office building, use the information detailed in this article to help you take action. Then you can be confident that your new fence can be installed without causing problems in the future. Contact a fence company like JT Fencing for more info.