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How To Repaint Your Wooden Fence

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Wooden fences are highly sought after because they have a classic and natural look. White picket fences are classically American and very popular. A well designed fence can frame your yard and highlight your landscaping. Of course, wooden fences are not only stylish, they are also very helpful. Homeowners with pets and small children like to have a small fence around their lawn. At the same time, a simple wooden fence can give you a lot more privacy and noise protection in the front or back of your home. Wood is a stylish and practical fence product, but it does need to be maintained over the years if you want it to last. This article explains how to maintain your wooden fence by repainting it. 

Prepping and Sanding Your Fence

Repainting your fence will take a couple of days, so check the weather to make sure there is no rain on the horizon. But, before you even begin painting, you need to prep the fence. The key is to sand down the old finish to smooth out the wood and to make it more receptive to the new paint. The amount of sanding that you need to do depends on the existing paint color and the color of the new paint. If you are painting your fence a solid color that is darker than the original color, you only need to sand the fence until it is smooth, but you don't need to sand off all of the paint. If your new paint is lighter than the existing paint, you should sand the fence until the wood is exposed. To sand you will need to use either an orbital sander or a vibrating power sander with medium grit. Most exterior fence wood is rough, so you don't need to sand the fence til it is smooth. The aim is to make the fence posts equally smooth throughout.

Painting Your Fence

Once all the prep work is done, the paint will actually go very quickly. Always use an exterior paint that has a medium gloss. This helps repel water and protects the paint from fading. Use a high nap roller to spread the paint onto the posts. Applying two coats (or more) will give you more protection and create a stronger seal over the wood. If you aren't sure which paint is safe for your fence, contact the manufacturer or another professional, like Gatlin Fence Company.

Most residential fences can be fully prepped and painted over the course of a couple of weekends. It is a simple, but necessary DIY project.