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3 Custom Fence Ideas To Give Your Home A Different Look With A Combination Of Materials

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 If you want to have a different look for the exterior of your home, you may want to consider some alternatives to conventional fence designs. This can include custom wood fences with a modern style and fencing that combines different materials. If you want to have a more unique look for the fence around your home, here are some ideas that will give your home a different look with a combination of materials:

1. Masonry Pillars And Walls To Create The Bottom Half Of Your Fence

Brick and stone can give your fence an attractive design. You have the choice of doing the fence entirely of masonry, which can be costly. A more affordable solution is to combine stone and brick features with more conventional fencing materials. This can be done by using masonry pillars are the posts for your fence. You can also do a partial wall with the upper section finished with other materials, such as metal, wood or even glass.

2. Using Chain Link Materials And Wood For The Benefits Of Both Types Of Fencing

Chain link fencing can be a good solution for a durable fence or to keep animals enclosed, but it is not always the most attractive material. You may want to consider combining chain link fencing with wood materials for a more attractive look. This can be done with things like wood trim around a chain link fence. You can also use metal posts and chain link to give your wood fence more durable features.

3. Combine Metal, Glass and Composite Lumber Materials For A Modern Fence Design

If you want to have a fence with a contemporary design that may match the style of your home, you may want to consider using more modern materials. Composite lumber can be a good durable choice to blend natural looking materials into contemporary design. The composite lumber can look like tropical lumber. You may also want to consider using metal and glass materials in the design of your contemporary fence. You can combine all of these materials to give your fence a unique custom look.

These are some ideas that will give your home a different look with a combination of different materials. If you are ready to have a new fence installed around your home, contact a wholesale fence supply service to get all the materials you need to create a brand new custom fence.