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How To Breathe New Life Into An Old Fence

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If you have an old or unattractive fence on your property, you may be dreaming of tearing it out and having a new fence put in by a contractor. Until that's possible, there are things you can do to spruce up your fence whether it's a wooden or chain link style.

Cedar fences can lose their warm glow over time. The good news is they can be restored to their former glory with the use of a power washer. The power washer removes the top layer of old wood cells to reveal the fresh layer of wood underneath. After power washing the fence, an exterior semi-transparent oil stain will preserve the new color beautifully. Make sure the fence is completely dry before applying the stain.

Chain link fences are versatile and are widely used, but they're not always the most aesthetically pleasing option, especially if you have an older fence. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to make the fence look better or to hide it.

1. Paint the fence. Unless your fence is vinyl-coated, painting it is pretty easy to do yourself. Natural colors like dark green and brown usually produce the best results and allow the fence to blend into the background. Before painting, clean the fence and scrub off any rust with a wire brush. If rust seems to be prevalent, you should use a rust-inhibiting primer. Using spray paint will result in too much overspray, so applying new paint color with a roller is your best bet.

2. Install fence slats. Fence slats are a great option for changing the look of a chain link fence, and they also give you more privacy. These long pieces of wood, aluminum or plastic are easy to install and come in a broad selection of colors.  Just make sure you know the mesh size of your fence when you're ready to order. You can also select slats that are designed to withstand various wind loads. If you're unsure of what kind to get, consulting with a professional fencing contractor can help.

3. Hide the fence with plants. Fast-growing plants are wonderful for concealing an unsightly chain link fence. You can plant flowering vines or ones with greenery only. There are also evergreen vines and deciduous ones. A chain link fence can help you to create a beautiful, natural display in your yard when it serves as a support for vines and other plants.

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