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Make Your Vacation Rental Dog-Friendly By Creating A Safe Yard

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Because more than 43 million households include dogs in the United States, it's a good idea to make vacation rental dog-friendly for those who enjoy traveling with their furry family members. In fact, you are likely to increase your profits by allowing dogs to stay at your vacation rental with their owners. You'll want to create a set of rules for guests to follow that will help protect your rental home from doggy damage. You should also create a safe yard for dogs to enjoy during their stay, so they are less likely to spend time indoors. Here is how to create a safe and convenient dog yard that your guests are sure to appreciate:

Make Use of Vinyl Fencing

To create a sturdy and safe barrier for visiting dogs, install vinyl fencing in the back yard. Vinyl fencing is cost effective, versatile, durable, and non-toxic for dogs and humans. It comes in a variety of colors too, which should make it easy to create a look that complements your current house design. And because vinyl fencing is almost five times stronger than wooden fences, dogs shouldn't be able to chew through it or figure out how to escape while they're visiting. What's more is that vinyl fencing is easy to care for and holds up well to inclement weather, which will keep your maintenance and repair costs down throughout the years. For more information, contact Family Fence Company or a similar organization.

Create a Garbage and Composting Corner

Ensure that the dog yard stays sanitary and tidy by creating a composting and garbage corner within the fenced yard. Place two garbage cans in the corner and drill small holes drilled into the bottom of one of them so it can be used as a composting system – the holes will allow excessive liquid to drain out so the materials in the container compost quickly. Label the can with holes for composting and the one without for garbage and keep a shovel, a pair of gloves, and a poop picker-upper next to the cans for ease of cleanup among guests. Renters can compost dog poop and throw away debris throughout their visit, so things are clean when they check out.

Plant Pet-Friendly Foliage

Your dog yard should have some pet-friendly foliage that provides visiting dogs with comfort, shade, and even some fun. After making sure any plants that are poisonous, such as oleander and sweet pea, aren't present in the dog yard consider planting animal-friendly options such as:

  • Poached Egg Plant

  • Sunflower

  • California Lilac

  • Echinacea

You can also plant edible plants like blueberries and greens to provide visiting dogs with some healthy snacks to chew on.

These tips and tricks should make it easy to create a spacious and safe outdoor area for dogs to enjoy while their human family members spend time inside.