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Three Advantages Of Wrought Iron Fencing

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Wrought iron is a highly durable type of building material that is both structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing, providing your property with a regal and luxurious aesthetic. Due to wrought iron's unique material qualities, a fence that is made out of wrought iron carries a distinctive set of advantages. Understanding the benefits that a wrought iron fence can offer your landscape and yard can help you figure out if installing a wrought iron fence is the right fit for your needs.


As already mentioned, the primary characteristic that defines wrought iron fencing is its extremely high durability. Wrought iron is very strong, and is able to withstand physical pressure and weather exposure to a significant degree without becoming damaged. This makes wrought iron fencing ideal for use as a security fence, as it can provide a near-impenetrable barrier against intruders and animals. This is compounded by the fact that wrought iron can be welded together, which means that individual panels and posts can be welded into place to create an even more durable barrier that cannot be taken apart by even the most dedicated individual.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage associated with ornamental iron fencing is that it is relatively low maintenance when compared to other types of fencing material, like wood. Wrought iron fencing is immune to pest damage and warping due to water exposure, and will also resist swelling or shrinking as the temperature changes throughout the year. This means that little preventative maintenance has to be done to keep your fence in good working order, cutting down on your long run commitments to. The only real maintenance that has to be done, beyond general cleaning for aesthetic purposes, is ensuring that your fence is constantly painted: exposed wrought iron can begin to rust when it comes into contact with water over time. However, even a small amount of rust can be easily fixed – simply sanding the area down with sandpaper until the rust has disappeared and then painting over the area again is all that is necessary.

Aesthetic Considerations

Beyond the more practical benefits associated with wrought iron as a fencing material, a wrought iron fence provides a classical, minimalist appearance to your yard. Wrought iron can be easily manipulated into complex patterns and designs in a way that other types of fencing material cannot be: further, the ability to weld sections of wrought iron together, as already mentioned, gives a degree of customization that other materials cannot offer, if you so choose.