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Can't Decide Which Type Of Railing To Use On Your Deck? Here's Why Aluminum Is Often The Best Choice

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With the number of railing types available for outdoor decks, it can be difficult to make a choice about which one to install on your deck. When you're looking for deck railings, you need strength, longevity, and ease of maintenance. Aluminum excels in all thee areas with its resistance to rot, rust, and warping. In addition, it only requires regular washing for maintenance instead of repainting and cleaning. Here's why aluminum railings are often the best type of railings to use for decks.

Needs Much Less Maintenance Than Wood Deck Railing

The best feature of aluminum railings is the fact that they're very low maintenance. This is especially true if you install powder-coated aluminum railings, as the paint is bonded to the aluminum at the factory and will not chip or scratch. Unlike wood railings, you don't have to periodically repaint or stain aluminum railings. With aluminum railings, all you need to do is periodically wash them with soap and water to remove any dirt or tree sap that accumulates on your railing.

Weighs Less Than Other Types of Metal Railing

Compared to steel or wrought iron, aluminum railings are very light. If your deck isn't designed with other types of metal railings in mind, steel and wrought iron may be too heavy for your deck's supports. In addition, high wind or people leaning on a railing can present trouble for heavy steel and wrought iron – combined with the weight of the railing itself, the additional force may snap fasteners and cause your railing to fall apart.

Can Be Installed More Easily Than Steel or Wrought Iron Railing

The fact that aluminum railings are so light compared to steel and wrought iron makes them much easier to install. You can even install aluminum railings by yourself if you're handy with a miter saw. If you hire a fence contractor, you'll usually pay less in installation fees because the contractor will need to send fewer people on-site for the installation. Steel and wrought iron parts require multiple people to lift and need special tools to install, which can rapidly drive up installation costs.

Provides a Nice Balance Between Modern and Traditional Deck Railing Styles

Aluminum railings typically feature larger balusters than other types of metal railings and smaller posts than vinyl and wood railings. This makes aluminum a happy medium between the modern look of metal railings and the traditional style of wood railings. The smaller posts are an excellent feature for deck railings – aluminum posts tend to be round and very thin whereas wood and vinyl posts are flat and wide. If you have a nice view from your deck, aluminum railings will obscure your view much less than wood or vinyl.

Although aluminum is more expensive than wood and vinyl railings, the advantages are often worth the extra cost. It's simply much easier to maintain aluminum railings compared to wood, and they won't suffer from warping or fading like vinyl. In addition, they're much easier to install than steel and wrought iron railing. If you have decided that aluminum is the perfect fit for your deck, it's a good idea to have it installed by a professional fence contractor in order to ensure it's stable and safe for you and your guests.

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